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Larson Rug Cleaning
James Larson

Larson Rug Cleaning is a family-owned and operated company, serving Jacksonville since 1980. We have been trusted by Oriental rug dealers, designers, and our loyal customers for over 30 years. We specialize in cleaning Oriental, Persian, silk, and custom area rugs. The services we offer include in-plant cleaning, repair, restoration, and padding for Oriental rugs. We also serve clients in Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Mandarin, Amelia Island, Fernandina, Orange Park, Fleming Island, and St. Augustine.

We offer the pick-up, delivery and furniture moving required to attain your rug. Two types of cleanings are available at your request: Regular Wash and Enzyme Wash. Our Enzyme Wash is a thorough wash that removes per stains and acid-based spills.

When a rug gets punctured or torn, it needs to be repaired quickly. Acting fast can make the rug easily repairable. Tears and holes can become larger with very little assistance. Not taking care of damage like this will eventually allow the problem area to become too large for repair and ruins the rug. Edges can become worn or start to fray and need to be restored. The fringes often need to be replaced over time and this can easily be done by a rug cleaning service. Certain areas may become more worn and need to be rewoven or knotted. This type of repair cannot be performed by just anyone and needs to be done by an expert hand weaver who is familiar with the materials and methods used to make the rug.

Determining when Oriental rug cleaning and repair is needed may not always be easy. Even though keeping a rug clean maintains its look and shape, cleaning a rug too much can have a negative impact. Any time it has become stained or soiled by animals, it needs to be cleaned immediately. The amount of traffic it is exposed to is the main determinant. If it does not get too much and is properly cared for by you, cleaning can be done only once or twice a year. However, rugs that are sustained to high traffic need more frequent cleaning. Excess dirt can harm the rug if it is consistently grinded into the fibers and the best way to make your rug dirt free is with professional rug cleaning services.

Oriental rug cleaning and repairs require someone who has expert knowledge of your type of rug. Hiring someone who is not qualified can lead to a destroyed priceless item. Professional cleaners design cleaning and drying processes to fit each type of rug and specific materials. Using the wrong chemicals to clean your rug can destroy the fibers, discolor it, and leave it stiff and brittle. It needs proper air flow to dry out and prevent water damage from occurring. Before sending your rug off to be cleaned, make sure you research the company you are considering and the processes your rug will be subjected to. This way your rug will be handled by a truly qualified company and be preserved as it should.

Determining when your oriental rug needs the care of rug cleaning services or repairs can be difficult. Repairs such as punctures, tears, unraveling and bad fringes need to be done by a professional as soon as they are noticed. This will prevent your rug from being beyond repair and destroyed. Stains and animal messes need to be cleaned quickly. Higher traffic rugs should be cleaned by a professional more often than less used rugs. Home cleaning is not recommended due to the unknown affects of the chemicals that may be used.

(904) 384-8795
928 Grace Ter

  • Larson Rug Cleaning
  • Larson Rug Cleaning
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